The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Anna Smith and others to Kristina Scott, 3.7623 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Steubenville MHP LLC to Pleasant Hills MHP LLC, lots 1-13, 15-20 and 23-28, Pleasant Hills; and 81.160 acres, Island Creek Township.

Ettore Scassa to Fireball Holdings LLC, part outlot 17, East Springfield.

Scassa Tires Inc. to Fireball Holdings LLC, part lot 165 and lot 166, Original Steubenville.

Jonathan Smuck to Jefferson County Soil & Water Conservation District, 102.23 acres, Salem Township.

Bozich Properties LLC to Dustin VanFossen, 0.0434 acre, Island Creek Township.

David McLain, trustee, to Ray and Cheryl Bahler, 0.9451 acre, Ross Township (survivorship).

Nicole and Dustin Heavlin to Craig Dylewski and Carrie Schultz-Dylewski, lot 17, Joshua Moores (survivorship).

Paula Johns (deceased) to Mark Martin, part lots 5-6, Saltsmans.

Craig and Laura Bliss to Caleb and Amber Knorr, part lot 176, Labelle Land (survivorship).

Deborah Herdman to Christopher Cafero, lots 1-12, Brady Estates Plan 1.

Charles Jones (deceased) to Teresa Jones, lot 296, Buena Vista Heights.

Carl Simone, trustee, to Thomas Simone, 3.396329 acres, Cross Creek Township; and lot 12, Karen Place.

Thomas and Sherry Simone to Carl and Yvonne Simone, lot 12, Karen Place (survivorship).

Patricia Wilson (deceased) to Ralph Wilson, lot 20, Belvedere.

Ralph Wilson to Bernard and Donna Coil Jr., lot 20, Belvedere (survivorship).

Michael and Nicole McKenzie to First National Trust Co., metes, Knox Township.

James Kliner (deceased) to Alice Kliner and Anthony Council, part lot 2 and lots 1 and 11, Lewis Third; and part lots 17 and 55, Dorian Hills.

Mildred Diloreto to Kyle Zamski, 8.8031 acres, Mount Pleasant Township; and 1.8467 acres, Smithfield Township.

Terry Sine Jr. to Dominic Bologna, lots 10-11, Barretts First.

Gilmore and Jennifer Burrier to James West, lots 61-62, Henrys Second.

Gary Gambill (deceased) to Tina Gambill, 11.474976 acres, Cross Creek Township; 0.721 acre, Wayne Township; and lots 23 and 25, Carrs New Addition.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Nickolas and Beth Bressler, 0.5 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Clayton Persinger (deceased) to Jessica Persinger, 4.389 acres, Smithfield Township.

Carol Howard and others to Gregory Howard and Jeannine Swickard, 0.554 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Like A Rock LLC to Danny Hancock II, part lot 6, Drapers.

Richard Davis (deceased) to Joan Davis, lot 40, Pottery First; and part tract 29, Buena Vista Heights.

Linda Sommer to Breann Everhart, 0.336 acre, Smithfield Township.

Kenneth and Alice Elson Sr. to Kenneth Elson Sr. and others, lot 17, Wrenn Wood Estates.

Paul and Diane Talkington to E. Dale and Marianne Featheringham, 7.433 acres, Springfield Township.

David and Rose Marie Elson to Shirley Starr and Kenneth Gibson, 1.478 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Mark Latture and Jeffrey Lake to Andrew Yoder, 41.471 acres, Ross Township.

Andrew and Nancy Yoder to Andrew Yoder, 41.471 acres, Ross Township.

Louise McLain (deceased) to Sherry Williams and others, 6.896 acres, Springfield Township.

Leonard Dilley (deceased) to Mare Dilley, part lots 16-17, Jefferson Saltsmans.

Capstone Development Group LLC to Kyle and Tamika Flecsch, lots 44-45, Forest View (survivorship).

Michael Vargo (deceased) to Samantha Bailey, lots 8-10, Newell.

Constance Jones to Gary and Barbara Hauck, 2.306 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Patricia Felgemaker (deceased) to Jamie and Kelly Tonkovich, 7.717 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

James and Loretta Kiedrowsky to Courtney Hedger, metes, Wayne Township.

Donna Babbs to Eugenia Roberts, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Kenneth and Martha Harrah to Pamela and David Corona, 0.28 acre, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Beverly Pethtel to Rosalie Pethtel, 2.084 acres, Springfield Township.

Certified Real Estate Inc. to Empire Petroleum Partners LLC, lots 13-15, Original Wintersville.

Timmy and Terry Elson to Steven and Michelle Bennett, lots 9 and 11, Longs Second.

Randall and Linda Yanda to Logan and Anissa Ondrick, metes, Smithfield Township.

Nathan and Danielle Osz to Harry and Marsha Gatts, 0.391 acre, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Judy Dye and others to Anthony Odonnell and Marianne Odonnell, 4,200 square feet, Ross Township (survivorship).

Betty Damico and Hugo Damico to Eugene Crowder, 0.15 acre, Steubenville Township.

Ronald Matthews (deceased) to Betty Jean Ruttencutter and others, 3.1463 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Suzanne Synodinos, trustee, to Anthony Sims, part lot 5, Pleasant Heights Improvement.

Mark Nice to Christine Nice, 2.3 acres, Springfield Township.

Cynthia Persina, trustee, to Amy Steffee, lot 31, Sunset Gardens.

Thomas and Margaret Peck to Zakkariah Jones, 7.096 acres, Salem Township.

Dorothy and Eugene Calabrese to Edward Robinson, lot 20, Wallace Heights.

Tawatha Austin to Christopher Robinson, lot 7, Buena Vista Heights.

Andrew Granatir Trust to Ingrid Torrance-Duarte, part lots 1-2, Beall & Steele.

Sharon Coleman and others to Bret Warren, lots 19-21, Minor & McLaughlins First; and 8,116 square feet, Salem Township.

Joann Davis (deceased) to Sandra Truax, 1.308 acres, metes, 7.3638 acres and 6.7399 acres, Knox Township.

James and Constance Wright to Curtis Vandyke Jr., 12.176 acres, Wayne Township.

Newrez LLC to Federal Homeloan Mortgage Corp., lot 96, Beechwood No. 2.

William and Susan Thomas to Zackary and Victoria Puckett, 2.661 acres, Brush Creek Township (survivorship).


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