Student-built modular home going up for bid

AUCTION BLOCK — The Jefferson County Joint Vocational School will be putting its second student-built modular home up for bid this spring. The JCJVS Board of Education agreed to take steps for a sealed bid process while carpentry students finalize some interior work on the structure. Work is expected to finish in April and an open house will be scheduled shortly afterward.

BLOOMINGDALE — A modular home created by students at Jefferson County Joint Vocational School will go to the highest bidder and leaders are making plans for the sale this spring.

The JCJVS board approved steps to advertise for the sale during the Feb. 18 meet and the structure will likely go out for bids during the next few months. Dates will be set for an open house and sealed bids will be taken for the structure with right of refusal by the board.

“We approved with moving ahead with the sale and information will be forthcoming about procedures,” said Superintendent Todd Phillipson.

Carpentry instructor Steve Orwick said some final details are being handled with the structure and it should be ready to go in April.

“We’re working on the interior trim and next will be the cabinets or flooring. We’re pretty much on schedule.”

Students in Orwick’s program began construction in the fall of 2018 and the home includes three bedrooms, two baths, a great room incorporating a living room and dining area, a kitchen and a laundry room. In addition to carpentry, the school’s electrical trades program and some professional contractors were involved, with the latter performing plumbing and HVAC work. Once it is purchased, the building will be split into two sections for transport to the new owner’s property, where they will later be reattached.

It is the second modular students have created since 2016 after students completed the seventh and final house in the neighboring Breezewood Manor subdivision along County road 22A in Bloomingdale.