Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Ted Zeroski and others to Terri Banal and others, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Timothy McCoy and Tammy McCoy to Harold McMillen III, part lot 47, McKee’s.

Judy Merritt to Chad Brown, .4958 acre, Island Creek Township.

David Drylie to Keisha Petteway, lot 199, Pleasant Heights.

Valentino Jackson (deceased) to Deborah Jackson, lot 132, Beechwood.

Johnathan Noon (deceased) to Shelia Custer, .265 acre, Smithfield Township.

Shelia and Christopher Custer to Raymond and Konkoleski II, .265 acre, Smithfield Township.

William Sutherin (deceased) to Ruth Sutherin, .16 acre, Island Creek Township.

Mularcik Enterprises LLC to HCS of Merchants Isle LLC, part lots 221 and 222, Original Steubenville.

Leonard and Clara Morris to Mandy and Jason Petrelle, lot 273, Dixon Heights.

Jeremy Long to Allison Bartek, .4946 acre, Smithfield Township.

Eric and Virginia Exley to Gregory and Beth Metcalf, lots 8 and 9, Hiddenwood Estates (survivorship).

Platinum Real Estate Investments LLC to Stephen Jody Zdinak, lot 4, Wallace Heights (survivorship).

Judith and Ronnie Seagrave to Alan Stevens, metes, Smithfield Township.

Joette DiNofrio Revocable Living Trust to Brianna Otto, lot 40, Eastview.

Anthony Mining Co. Inc. to 500 Main LLC, lot 30, Original Wintersville.

Stephen and Rainey Moscato to Lynette Adams, lots 62-64, Upland Park.

Frances McIntyre to Kristina Albu, lot 26, Crestview Manor.

Elizabeth Kelly (deceased) to Michael Kelly, lots 22 and 23, Original Toronto.

G and M Smith Family Trust LLC to Barbara Higgs, .488 acre, Steubenville Township.

Kenneth and Linda McConnell to Thomas McConnell, 183.75 acres, Salem Township.

Robert Blackwell to Geonetta Gelzhiser, part lots 15 and 16, Pleasant Heights.

Marina Ovalle to Davymar Apartments LLC, part lots 206, Original Steubenville.

Rose and Kyle Brandle to Burdell Brandle, 1.05 acres, Island Creek Township.

William Frontz and Louise Frontz to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., lot 25 and part lot 26, Steubenville Pottery.

Jason Kovalski and Jamie Kovalski to Elizabeth Davis and Joseph Davis, 2.865 acres, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Nancy Smith (deceased) to Roger Churchman and Regina Churchman, lots 8 and 9, Banfield.

Robert and Lorraine Campana to Aaron Henry, lot 164, Beechwood.

Kara and Zachary Richardson to Robert and Jessica Morgan, lot 10, Mary Ann Place, .1102 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Ruth Lamantia to Steven Clark, lot 7, Banfield.

Joseph Perko (deceased) to John and Emal Westling, part lots 15 and 16, Pleasant Heights.

Darren and Eva Pinkerton to James and Kelly Gross, 7.2423 acres, Wayne Township.

Pinkerton Rentals LLC to Joshua Hinkle, .0562 acre, Steubenville Township.

Roberta Henderson to Kenneth Henderson, 3.5 acres, Island Creek Township.


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