Brooke ‘Peep Show’ generates creative and amusing entries

WINNER — In Brooke High School’s annual “Peep Show,” Willow Moore won first place for “Chef Peeps,” featuring a cooking competition where three sets of chef peeps are battling to make the perfect dish while the head chef peep watches over them. Her attention to detail was mind-boggling, according to art instructor Sarah Walden Roark. She hand sculpted all the micro foods adorning the prep tables and shelves out of clay, paper and other found objects. -- Contributed

WELLSBURG — Brooke High School’s “Peep Show” has been going strong for more than a decade with students each year creating art dioramas featuring Peeps, those sugary Easter marshmallow bunnies and chicks.

“And each year it seems to keep getting better and better,” commented art instructor Sarah Walden Roark, event organizer.

“At this point, I think people just expect we will be doing the ‘Peep Show’ every year and expect big things from it,” Roark noted.

“Every year when we start brainstorming for the show, I think, ‘how are we going to top the years before and what can students possibly do that hasn’t already been done in past years?’ and every single year, I have fabulous students who don’t disappoint. I am always amazed — and often amused — by what they dream up and how well they pull it off,” she said.

“Last year, I was disappointed when I realized it might be the first year we would not have our ‘Peep Show,’ but then I thought, why let this coronavirus take another thing away from us? So, I came up with a plan to still have our ‘Peep Show,’ just all virtual,” Roark explained.

“Like many things in 2020, we had to adapt, and it was a little scaled back and certainly different than normal, but we still pulled it off. I really didn’t want to break our tradition and wanted to give the community something fun to enjoy in a time that was often less than fun for many,” she continued. “As the months rolled on, I wondered what ‘Peep Show 2021’ would look like. I was relieved and excited to have our show in person and on display in the halls of Broke High School once again,” she said.

The dioramas range in subject matter from popular television and movies, books, historical and current events, sports and hobbies.

Winners were: First place, Willow Moore for “Chef Peeps;” second, Angela Rithner for “Peep Impact;” third, Hannah Ferguson for “Niagara Falls;” and “Peep”le’s Choice, Veronica Mann for “Ducks.”

New this year was a coloring contest for the county’s primary and intermediate schools. The coloring sheet featured the Bruin bear dressed up as the Easter Bunny, standing with a basket of Peeps in a field of scattered Easter eggs. The show was judged by a local artist. A winner was picked in each grade. They were: Cooper Hardsouk, kindergarten; Vanessa Inman, first grade; Isaac Michael, second grade; Sierra Hoit, third grade; and Miley Stanley, fourth grade.


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