Daily Happenings 6-4-20

Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Intruder: A Mt. Pleasant township resident reported a man in his garage without permission, Tuesday. Deputies said the man and a woman who was with him fled when they arrived, leaving their vehicle behind with the hood up. The vehicle was towed.

Theft: A Dillonvale resident who’d told deputies a grandchild had taken his credit card and $2,000 in cash declined to prosecute “because he just couldn’t do that,” Tuesday.

Harassment: An Empire resident is seeking an order of protection against his ex-girlfriend, who he says has been harassing him on social media, Tuesday. The woman has been posting pictures of him on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and allegedly suggesting she wants to “light (his house) on fire,” he said. The man also alleges his ex admitted in one posting that she’d vandalized his vehicle, damaging the paint and leaving dents in it.

Not neighborly: A Dillonvale woman told deputies her neighbor stands in the roadway, yelling obscenities at her, Tuesday. She said the neighbor also parked her vehicle on the victim’s property, blocking the entrance to her garage. The neighbor told deputies she’s tired of the younger woman “flying past her property and almost hitting her or her animals.”

Steubenville police

Theft: The manager of a property on Harding Avenue reported a 40-foot ladder and two air conditioning units were missing from the residence, Tuesday.

Trash: An old TV, a sofa and other junk were spotted in the back yard of a residence in the 700 block of Rosswell, Tuesday.

Trouble: A resident in the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue told police juveniles were throwing fireworks at a cat, Tuesday. One of the youths also drew on the garage, the owner said.

Hit-skip: The owner of a vehicle parked in the 100 block of Shirley Circle said someone struck his car and fled the scene, Tuesday.

Stolen identity: A Brockton Road resident reported her ex-roommate stole her identity and fraudulently opened two accounts in her name, Tuesday.

Fisticuffs: Two woman in the 800 block of Rosswell Avenue were fighting, Tuesday. Police said when they arrived on scene, the women told them they were done.

Uninvited: A man in the 1300 block of Plum Street said another individual entered his residence and wouldn’t leave, Tuesday. When he finally tried to push the man out, the victim said the intruder bit his thumb and punched him at least two times in the face before fleeing.

Irritating: A woman in the 100 block of George Street said a neighbor shot some sort of projectile at her house with a pistol, Tuesday. Police said surveillance footage showed about eight rounds had been fired, some striking the house.

Cited: Matthew Z. Mamula, 19, 217 Frostview Drive, Wintersville, assured clear distance violation.

Arrested: Barry Starcher, 40, and Eric Francis, 44, both of 601 Two Ridge Road, Wintersville, bench warrants for probation violations, Tuesday.

Weirton police

Arrested: Alex Evans, 205 Beech Road, Weirton, shoplifting, May 9

Arrested: Daniel Yost, 1783 Northview Road, Wellsburg, shoplifting, possession of a controlled substance, May 9

Arrested: Patrick Long, 86 25th St., Wellsburg, shoplifting, May 9

Arrested: Teewanee C. Sperringer, 57 25th St., Wellsburg, shoplifting, May 9

Arrested: Sandra Robinson, 132 Mayfair St., Weirton, domestic violence/battery, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, May 10

Arrested: Emily Thermes, Morgantown, domestic violence/battery, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, underage consumption, May 10

Arrested: Matthew A. Waskevich, 770 Brady Ave., Steubenville, obstruction, resisting arrest, May 20

Arrested: Logan C. Shawver, 424 Thurman Ave., Weirton, breaking and entering, larceny, May 29

Arrested: Chad A. Pulliam, 2933 Elm St., Weirton, trespassing, possession of a controlled substance, shoplifting, public intoxication, June 1


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