Daily Happenings 10-12-20

Today’s birthday

Warner Sanders, 88, Richmond.

Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Bad ride: A man who gave a coworker a ride home from a construction job in Follansbee said they got in an argument and the man threatened him with a hammer, Tuesday. The coworker and his son said it was the driver who lost his temper, but the dispute was strictly verbal.

Crowd sourcing: An argument between a man and his wife escalated when his friends felt the man was being disrespectful to the woman, Wednesday. The man said his friends confronted him about how he was treating his wife so he asked them to leave several times, but they ended up in fisticuffs on the porch. The man had bruising around both eyes and his nose appeared broken, deputies said. His friends said they eventually told the husband they were leaving and he “snapped,” attacking them. The friends said they were walking toward their truck when they saw the other man pointing a .20 gauge shotgun at him. Deputies spoke to the husband again, who told them he felt he needed to defend his home, confirming he had a gun but insisting it wasn’t loaded. None of the parties involved wanted to file charges, but deputies noted the information about the gun would be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

Arrested: David Ryan, 51, 6141 county Road 10, Adena, domestic violence, Thursday.

Arrested: David Tittle II, 32, county Road 2, Yorkville, petit theft, Thursday.

Steubenvile police

Shot fired: A shell casing was recovered from a yard in the 700 block of Lawson Ave., Thursday.

Robbed: An Ohio Street resident who walked to the store returned home to find out someone had stolen his flat screen TV, Thursday.

Irate: A customer at a downtown bank became enraged when the teller wouldn’t cash a check for him because his account was overdrawn, Thursday. Bank personnel said the man pounded his fists on the counter and yelled.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the owners of properties at 1607 Jefferson St., litter, and 1605 Ridge Ave., litter.

Arrested: Jonathan Suriano, 28, 207 S. Avalon, Wintersville, disorderly conduct, Thursday.

Arrested: Megan McElroy, 27, 25 Maple Hill Road, Salineville, petty theft, Thursday.

Arrested: Ryan Franklin Gooch, 29, 1005 N. Fourth St., Toronto, fugitive from justice, Thursday.

Cited: David Z. McKitrick, 18, 3891 county Road 26, Wintersville, reckless operation.

Bad break: A man who police said had been drinking heavily said he “accidentally” fell through a first floor window, Saturday. The man “was bleeding profusely in addition to being highly intoxicated,” and suffered a large laceration and had broken glass on top of his head, police said. A woman who witnessed the fall said he had arrived at the residence highly intoxicated and tripped over a piece of furniture, then toppled through the glass.

Flagged: A tow truck operator told police he found a stolen car on his lot, Friday. The business owner said he’d towed the car to his lot after it broke down in the 500 block of Woodlawn. The driver was supposed to contact him about repairs but never did, so he did an Internet search and determined it had been stolen in Florida.

Conflicted: A woman said a homeowner “began screaming and arguing” with her and her son when they asked him to move his car, Friday. The woman said the man’s car was parked in the 600 block of Jeanette at an angle, making it difficult for others to get through. She said the man bumped into her “as if trying to instigate a fight.” He claimed she pushed him.

Lights out: A homeowner in the 100 block of Adams Street said someone has been driving through his yard, nearly hit his satellite dish, and also tried to steal electricity Friday. The homeowner said the miscreant had plugged an extension cord into an outlet on his back porch. He told police he thinks the water and electricity to the other residence has been shut off.

Hit: A man in a wheelchair who was struck by a van at the intersection of Belleview and Sunset boulevards said he didn’t want to pursue charges, Saturday. The man said he wasn’t hurt, and the driver had stopped to make sure he was okay.

Bless you: A motorist in the 700 block of Oxford Boulevard told police he swerved into two other cars because he sneezed, Friday.

Forgetful: A woman told police she forgot she put her purse on the roof of her car and drove off, Friday. The woman told police she lost her license, birth control, $62 cash and debit card.

Brain freeze: Someone driving a silver Dodge SUV tried to squeeze past another vehicle near the Kroger lot and sideswiped it then fled the scene, Friday.

Arrested: Ernest J. Johnson, 64, 733 ½ Rosswell Ave., bench warrant, Friday.


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