Daily Happenings 10-23-20

Police reports

Brooke County sheriff

Arrested: Zachary D. Davidson, 29, 362 Maplewood Drive, Steubenville, failure to appear, Sunday.

Arrested: Deborah J. Smith, 69, 471 Rockdale Road, Follansbee, obstructing an officer, Oct. 11.

Arrested: David J. Cox, 44, 4366 Cross Creek Road, Wellsburg, driving under the influence, driving while suspended for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident, Oct. 12.

Arrested: Robert M. Cook Jr., 60, 211 New Alexandria Road, Brilliant, domestic assault, Oct. 14.

Arrested: Sean R. Rujak, 35, 355 Thurman Ave., Weirton, driving while license revoked for driving under the influence, Oct. 14.

Steubenville police

Shots fired: Police heard several shots fired in the area of Pennsylvania Avenue and saw several people running between houses, Wednesday. An individual spotted running into Maryland Market was taken into custody on a warrant. He also was tested for gunshot residue. The man told them he’d gone there to play dice and was awaiting his turn when the shooting started.

Lucky escape: A woman showed up at her estranged husband’s home in the 300 block of Buena Vista Boulevard to accuse him of cheating on her, then dumped motor oil over his car and all over him, Wednesday. Her ex said she also ripped his rear view mirror off and, after finding an empty bleach bottle by the car, said he didn’t know if she’d poured it in the gas tank. Police said the man was covered in oil but didn’t want to press charges.

Silence is golden: A woman who failed to come to a stop at the intersection of Seventh and North streets denied running the stop sign, Wednesday. The woman also refused to admit her license had been suspended in Pennsylvania, and threatened to go to the police station and complain if she was cited.

Jefferson County sheriff

Dropped: A Wintersville woman whose husband struck her during an argument dropped a crock pot out her third floor apartment window, Wednesday. A maintenance man who watched the pot shatter said she hadn’t aimed it at anyone. Deputies said the woman, described as “very upset and screaming,” told them they were fighting because she suspected him of having an affair with two other women in the complex. After he hit her she locked him out, and deputies warned her not to allow him back in the residence. Several hours later other residents called for help because they heard the two of them arguing. Although she initially told them they were fighting over the phone, deputies located the man in the shower, wrapped in the curtain.

Whodunit: Tenants of a Wintersville apartment building said glass from a broken second floor window came close to hitting children playing, Wednesday. Deputies located the woman who tenants said had broken the window, but they said her pupils were very constricted and she lost her balance walking up the stairs to show them the broken window. They were unable to determine how or why it was broken.


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