Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Hatchet: A Barnesville resident and her male companion reported her vehicle was damaged by a hatchet another woman threw at it, March 15. The couple said the man’s ex had showed up at a friend’s residence in Adena, causing problems and refusing to leave. She finally left the residence when the homeowner called the sheriff’s office, but the couple told deputies she only retreated a short way down the road. They said as they drove past her to leave, the woman “allegedly threw a hatchet at” her rival’s vehicle, denting it and nicking the paint and also made threatening gestures with the hatchet at the man during an argument earlier. The man and the unruly woman have been separated for a year.

Argument: A Rayland woman told deputies her estranged husband wouldn’t let her out of his vehicle and took her phone, March 16. The woman said they’ve been separated but maintain contact because she watches his child for him, but on the way home recently claims he began making comments she considered mentally abusive. She told him she wanted to get out, but when she stepped onto the running board to get out, she said he accelerated, causing her to jump back inside to avoid injury. She also alleges he took her phone and wouldn’t return it, and while it was in his possession, he used the phone to transfer money from her account to his via Facebook ‘s linked bank account feature. The unauthorized transactions caused her to overdraw her account, she said.

Texting: Deputies said a Bloomingdale woman told them her ex-boyfriend violated a protection order, March 15. She told deputies the man has been texting her, despite her having gone to great lengths to ensure her address and phone number were hidden from him due to prior domestic violence incidents.

Moved: An undriveable 34-year-old pickup was reported missing from a Dillonvale area residence, March 16. The vehicle, a 1986 Ford F150, was immobile and the keys weren’t in it, the owner said. Due to space concerns the vehicle was not parked at her primary residence, and she only recently discovered the theft. She told deputies whoever took it either towed the vehicle or fixed it on the spot, but neighbors didn’t notice anything unusual.


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