Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Booked: William Edward “Billy” Hoover, 48, 323 Railroad St., Brilliant, was charged with domestic violence, Saturday. Callers reported a disturbance at a Mingo Junction residence, and when deputies arrived on scene, they said they found Hoover, who allegedly was intoxicated, trying to get in a family member’s house for a welfare check. After ensuring the family member was OK, deputies said they offered to take Hoover home so he wouldn’t end up in jail. Minutes after leaving, deputies were dispatched to Hoover’s residence for a reported disturbance. Witnesses allege they Hoover punching a juvenile through a screen door.

Steubenville police

Strike out: Callers reported a Euclid Avenue resident and his landlord arguing and said one of them was armed with baseball bat, Sunday. Police said they had to separate the men, but when they arrived neither of them was holding a bat. The resident said they’d been arguing and the landlord grabbed a bat from his truck, so he retrieved one from his house, but neither of them took a swing at the other. They said the argument never turned physical.

Blocking traffic: Motorists in the 1500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue said individuals were standing in the street and wouldn’t let cars pass through the area, Sunday. Callers reported the group surrounded one car and threw bottles it as it drove past them. Police located the individuals involved and advised them to stay out of the street and to let vehicles pass without impeding or throwing objects at them. An hour later an officer on patrol cited Elijah D. Rose, 18, 14 Paul Ave., Wintersville, for failure to use a sidewalk after he allegedly was spotted in the middle of the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, dancing.

Sold: The former owner of a house on St. Charles Drive that was sold at auction in November 2020 walked into it uninvited while the buyer was inside cleaning and started arguing with her, Sunday. The man told police he wanted to remove some personal property still inside the residence, but the new owner said there was nothing inside that belonged to him.

Pilfered: A man who laid his wallet on the counter in the liquor store at Kroger’s while he assisted the clerk in retrieving a bottle said it was gone when he went back to pay, Sunday. He said there was one other individual in the liquor shop while he was there. He lost about $60 in cash plus a number of credit cards, as well as his license and Social Security card.

Car trouble: A man told police his wife was trying to take his mother’s vehicle without permission, Monday. His mother said the vehicle was registered to her and she did not give anyone permission to take it. The man’s wife claimed it was her car because she’d paid for it, but police confirmed it was registered to her mother-in-law.

Hearing things: A caller in the 900 block of Buena Vista reported hearing 12 shots fired from the area around Kingston Avenue, Sunday. Police checked the area but found nothing amiss.

Callers reported hearing a female screaming in the 700 block of Dock Street, Sunday. Police said it was a juvenile problem.

Booked: Cory Stevens, 31, 107 Stroud Ave., Weirton, was charged with suspicion of operating a vehicle under the influence following a two-vehicle accident Sunday on Washington Street at Third Street, Sunday. Stevens allegedly rear-ended a vehicle stopped at the red light. He also was cited for OVI and an assured clear distance ahead violation.

Fisticuffs: Police broke up a fight between juveniles in the 700 block of Pine Street, Sunday.

Overdose: Residents in the 800 block of North Eighth Street said a female who was visiting them became unresponsive after returning from the bathroom, Monday. Police said Steubenville firefighters used Narcan to resuscitate her, and afterwards the woman admitted taking a pill but said she didn’t know what it was. Police said there was no evidence of illegal drugs, drug abuse instruments or paraphernalia near the woman or in the bathroom. She has until May 26 to provide written documentation that she’s enrolled in a drug treatment program.

Issued: Paul D. Porter, 21, 310 Third St., Stratton, was cited assured clear distance ahead following a two-car accident at Sunset Boulevard and Starkdale Road, Sunday. No injuries were reported, police said.


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