Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Big haul: A Dillonvale man who works in the metering and measurement department of an energy company said someone broke into his locked work truck and removed a $50 bill, some change and a $3,000 metering device, Tuesday. Several hand tools valued at $300 also were removed from a toolbox, he said.

MIA: An Amsterdam man told deputies someone stole his Sears Craftsman rototiller and a Stihl weedeater, Tuesday. He said he last saw the items when he was planting his garden a week ago. He’d left the tiller under a tree in his yard and the weedeater in his workshop.

No benefit: Someone tried to claim unemployment benefits using a Toronto man’s information but the claim was denied, Tuesday.

Steubenville police

Nice try: A man in the 1200 block of Arlington reported his neighbor threatened to shoot his dog because it was in his yard barking and also called his wife derogatory names to try to get him to fight, Tuesday. The other man left before police arrived.

Argument: An Oregon Avenue couple put a canopy up on another person’s property, sparking an argument when the property owner asked them to move it, Tuesday. When the two of them confronted the woman about her request, a family member told the younger man to just remove the offending canopy and “mind his business.” The man who was upset about having to move the canopy began arguing with his relative, who told police the younger man tried to charge after him, so he hit his arm with a wooden stick. Police told the man he needed to get the canopy off the neighbor’s property.

Family feud: A Henry Avenue resident told police she wanted a couple living with her out of her house, Tuesday. The homeowner told police she’d come into the house in time to see the male, a young relative, pinning the woman down in a corner. The younger female said she and her boyfriend were arguing about the room being dirty and said he only put his hand over her mouth. She told police the older woman “was lying and constantly…trying to get (her relative) in trouble” and said he’d never pinned her down or held her down, but she gathered her belongings and left voluntarily.

Watch list: Police had to remove a man causing a disturbance from Cashland, Tuesday. Employees said the man tried to sell them two watches, and when they told him they weren’t interested, he began yelling and pushed a plastic partition off its mounts. The employees don’t want him back in their store.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to owners of properties at 324 Woodlawn Road, furniture; 1413 Oregon Ave., litter; 1629 LaBelle Court, furniture, 986 McKinley, litter; and 1304 Oregon Ave. and 1321 Oregon Ave., high grass.

Booked: Sir Dameon Harris, 38, 1405 Pennsylvania Ave., Steubenville, warrant for failure to appear, Tuesday; George Cook Jr., 58, 180 North Fourth St., Apt. 512, possession of drugs, Tuesday; Otis Allen, 44, 503 McDowell Ave., failure to appear, Tuesday; Juwan Williams, 24, 730 North Seventh St., failure to appear, Wednesday.

Summoned: David Davis, 28, 828 Kingsdale Road, Steubenville, failure to appear.

Stolen: Vehicle taken from a residence in the 100 block of Cunningham Lane, Tuesday. The owners said the vehicle had been parked in front of his residence around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and was gone by midnight.

Wintersville police

Cited: Dylan G. Kramer, 23, 104 Meadow Road, failure to yield; Lisa M. Hickle, 31, 606 Logan Ave., Mingo Junction, driving while suspended; and Nicholas K. Lebriola, 24, 206 Martha St., Yorkville, possession of marijuana and expired registration.

Cited for speeding: Maxine Helsel, 19, 1318 Pennsylvania Ave., Steubenville; Michael Allen, 21, 539 Forestview Drive; Stephen T. Everhart, 53, 407 Hill Ave., Steubenville; Antonio Betancourt, 18, 103 Vireo Drive; and Mikayla Petrisko, 19, 2478 state Route 646, Richmond.

Toronto police

Booked: James Shannon Jr., 34, 414 N. 6th, Toronto, failure to comply, Monday; Lindsey Miller, 34, 810 Loretto Ave., Toronto, resisting arrest and domestic violence (pending), Tuesday.

Mingo Junction police

Booked: Elijah James Faust, 44, 107 Lincoln Ave., Mingo Junction, domestic violence, Monday; Alexandria Corsaro, 36, 107 Lincoln Ave., Mingo Junction, domestic violence, Monday.


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