Two seeking Fifth Ward seat in Follansbee

FOLLANSBEE — There are two individuals running for the Fifth Ward council position in Follansbee. The candidates include Ryan Brindley and Wendy DeAngelis.

Brindley, 25, feels he has plenty of public service experience in the City of Follansbee and believes his youth and dedication make him a great candidate for a seat on the council.

“As a young local business owner at Tri-State Logistics, which operates within Follansbee, I will bring the same perspective and new ideas that will allow me to better the community,” said Brindley. “My plans are to make sure that money spent within the city will be handled responsibly and legally and that monies earmarked will benefit the entire community.”

Brindley’s volunteer experience includes being a firefighter for the city for the past 12 years. He has held leadership roles in the department such as lieutenant and is now fulfilling the role as trustee. Furthermore, Brindley has served as an emergency government technician where he noted he worked closely with city and county government agencies.

DeAngelis, 57, said her qualifications to be a member of the Follansbee City Council stem from being a registered nurse in Follansbee.

“I have worked with many diverse groups of people,” noted DeAngelis. “Nursing requires you to be professional and deal with different and often difficult situations. I feel I can be beneficial to the city in representing the people of the Fifth Ward.”

DeAngelis said she hopes to bring businesses into the city to increase the tax base and help the city grow financially.

“I want to see the City of Follansbee become more economically sound,” said DeAngelis. “Bringing in businesses will also bring jobs into the area for our citizens. I am running for office to support people of the Fifth Ward and any concerns they may have. I see the younger population leaving the area to obtain jobs and raise their families. Follansbee is a great place to raise a family, so we need good paying jobs to keep these families in the area and to bring other families into the area. Having increased population will also increase the tax base.”

DeAngelis added that to bring in new businesses the city needs to improve its infrastructure to support industry.

“I think the city council can work together to accomplish this goal,” DeAngelis said.

In addition, DeAngelis noted she has heard community members inquire about improving the playground on Highland Hills and would like to see if anything can be done to help. DeAngelis also hopes to look into whether adding a city dog park is feasible.

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