Hancock grand jury hands down indictments

NEW CUMBERLAND — An individual alleged to have threatened the daughter of a local county official, and another alleged to have assaulted a group of Weirton police officers were among 29 individuals indicted, Wednesday, by a Hancock County grand jury.

James Sellitti, 35, of 136 Lisa Court, Apt. 14, Weirton, was indicted on charges of attempt to retaliate against a public official and attempted murder.

Reports indicate Sellitti, blaming an assistant county prosecuting attorney for a previous prison sentence, went to the place of work of the attorney’s daughter and allegedly threatened to kill her.

Maurice Jury, 21, no fixed address listed, faces multiple charges after being indicted for destruction of property, obstructing, three counts battery on a government representative, three counts of retaliation against a public official, three counts of threats of terroristic acts and civil rights violations.

According to reports, officers responded to a call in July, finding Jury throwing rocks at cars in Weirton, charging him with disorderly conduct. During the arrest, Jury allegedly spat on one officer, and later allegedly began fighting with and headbutting another officer.

Reports indicate Jury continued fighting with, and spitting on, officers as they placed him in a holding cell.

Other indictments issued by the grand jury included:

¯ Timothy Hampson, 36, 3018 Orchard St., two counts battery, kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, unlawful restraint, two counts attempted murder, two counts malicious assault, brandishing, conspiracy.

¯ Ralysha Me’sheal Lyons, also known as Ralysha Lyons-Hampson, 29, 3018 Orchard St., Weirton, one indictment for malicious assault, and a second indictment for assault, brandishing, malicious assault, obstruction and conspiracy.

¯ David Ross, 75, 227 Patricia Ave., Weirton, sexual assault third degree, sexual abuse first degree, three counts sexual abuse third degree, six counts sexual assault by a parent, guardian or caretaker.

¯ Bruce James Ramsey, 37, 311 Euclid Ave., Steubenville, one indictment of bringing stolen property into the state, and a second indictment for entry of enclosed commercial property, conspiracy to enter onto enclosed commercial property.

¯ Corey Weeks, 29, 232 Gilson Ave., Weirton, one indictment for burglary, petit larceny and trespassing, and a second indictment for counterfeiting.

¯ Chris M. Washington, 41, 1413 Wellsley Ave., Steubenville, possession of cocaine with intent to deliver.

¯ Donald Gianessi, 32, 101 Heights St., Weirton, one indictment for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, fleeing in a vehicle, a second indictment for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, person prohibited from possessing a firearm and obstructing an officer.

¯ Shawn D. Flowers, 30, no fixed address, grand larceny, leaving scene of an accident and driving while license suspended.

¯ Caleb Zdybicki, 20, 109 Cedar Lane, Weirton, sexual assault second degree, sexual assault third degree, burglary.

¯ Kandice M. Bragg, 27, 2908 Weir Ave., Weirton, failure to appear.

¯ Sharon Bennett, 45, 337 Olive Drive, Wintersville, false pretenses.

¯ Melissa Pittman, 34, 269 Wetzel St., Weirton, counterfeiting.

¯ Davin Barrish, 28, 161 Circle Drive, Weirton, fleeing DUI, reckless fleeing, two counts possession.

¯ Shanika Jones, 32, 3132 West St., Weirton, two counts counterfeiting.

¯ Christopher M. Flati, 35, 128 Park Ave., Rear, Weirton, child neglect creating substantial risk of serious bodily injury, possession.

¯ April Degarmo, 35, 3622 Grant St., Weirton, malicious assault.

¯ Justina Joy John, 57, 2705 Pennsylvania Ave. Apt. B, Weirton, embezzlement.

¯ Shea Roberts, 26, 56 Rural Lane, Chester, child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury.

¯ Zachery Young, 19, 720 Garner Ave., East Liverpool, two counts sexual assault second degree, sexual abuse first degree.

¯ Melissa Nichols, 29, 715 State Ave. NE, New Cumberland, counterfeiting.

¯ Keith Cabrero, 49, 893 Lockbourne Road, Columbus, prohibited person – firearm.

¯ Douglas Pridemore, 50, 1674 Market St., Youngstown, possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, two counts possession of heroin with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, conspiracy.

¯ James Tinsley, 38, 1040 Kendis Circle Apt. A, Youngstown, possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, possession of Tramadol with intent to deliver, possession of Fentanyl with intent to deliver, conspiracy

¯ Michael C. Sayre, 43, 30 Urban St., Chester, robbery.

¯ Louis Johanning, 42, 3204 12th St. NW, Canton, three counts failure to register as a sex offender second offense.

¯ Rodney Stevens, 64, 335 North 10th St., Weirton failure to register as a sex offender second offense.

¯ James Lancaster, 50, 1357 Cameron Hollow Road, New Cumberland, driving while license/privilege revoked due to DUI – third.


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