City deals with soil contamination at garage

WEIRTON — City council will consider a contract during its next meeting for environmental services at the city’s Public Works Department related to fuel tanks previously located at the department’s facility.

The proposal — a contract with Core Environmental Services not to exceed $26,675 — was discussed and recommended, Wednesday, by the city’s Finance Committee.

“This is from the old tanks,” Public Works Director Rod Rosnick explained.

Rosnick noted when the previous tanks were removed as part of an improvement project at the Public Works garage, testing found some soil contamination thought to be the result of a fuel leak in 2005.

During remediation of the contamination area, 232 tons of soil was removed from the site, Rosnick said, adding there had been hope that would have been enough to pass an inspection by the state Department of Environmental Protection.

The DEP, however, wants to run another check, which will be part of the contract with Core Environmental Services.

“They want this additional testing before they close it out,” Rosnick said.

The contract will include two phases. The first will involve the soil testing, results for which must be submitted to the state by January. If tests still show contamination, monitors will be installed at the site and further tests would be needed.

Ward 3 Councilman Fred Marsh noted the proposed contract is good only until the end of the year.

“If we need any more work, we’re going to have to renegotiate it,” Marsh said.

The Finance Committee, on Wednesday, also recommended:

¯ A contract with A.G. Lucas Consulting LLC to provide services for medical/blood-borne pathogen requirements, at a cost of $4,800. Ward 6 Councilman Enzo Fracasso noted it is the same cost the city has paid for the last several years.

¯ A resolution to place liens at 4045 Brooke St., for the costs of demolition, in the amount of $8,177.

¯ A resolution to contribute $5,000 to the Brooke-Hancock County Veterans memorial Park Inc.

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