Hancock County Health Board looks to enforce time off policy

NEW CUMBERLAND — Health Department Administrator Jackie Huff approached the Hancock County Health Board with plans to better enforce time off policies during Tuesday’s meeting.

“It’s truly not anything new from what we’ve had in place, I just went through and looked at things,” said Huff.

Huff reported she had been lax in the formal enforcement of employees use of policies such as flex time. The department uses flex time to accommodate health inspections and other health department services as well as personal matters for employees, like time off for doctors appointments.

The policy states the administrator needs to approve the flex time before it occurs. Huff wanted to reaffirm that the policy will be enforced moving forward. The board approved her request to not allow flex time if it doesn’t go through the approval process.

Huff said she was experiencing changes in the time off requested, which was causing issues with the department’s accounting and pay stubs.

Huff wants employees to request their flex time hours, and if they request a set amount of time off they will take that time off. Huff understands emergencies happen, but moving forward she wants to follow the policies better. She plans to document the time off in multiple locations.

The board reconfirmed the meaning of the policy and approved Huff’s request to put the time into hour increments instead of 15 minutes.

In other action, the board:

¯ Announced the service fee increase proposed during the June 7 meeting has been approved by the Bureau of Public Health.

¯ Announced the carpet on the first floor will be removed and replaced with a grey vinyl flooring early in 2020. During the Nov. 14 commission meeting the commission approved a bid from Builders Wholesale in Chester to replace the flooring.

¯ Renewed the board’s incremental pay policy. The pay adjustment is determined by the employees years of service and the board’s finances. The policy was first passed in 2018 and needs to be renewed each year for it to remain in effect.

¯ Passed the 2020 meeting schedule.

¯ Agreed to table opening a purchase order card until the next meeting. Huff presented the board with the option to open an account. It would allow the department to earn cash back on items approved by the state auditor. A representative from the auditor’s office was scheduled to speak in front of the board but was unable to attend. The board agreed to listen to the representative from the state auditor and the county’s finance department before making a decision.

¯ Board President John Plesa announced the department audit has occurred, there were no issues and the department’s finances looked good.

¯ Board member Anthony DeCapio asked for an update on the mold discovered in Hancock County School. Huff said a representative from the state board of education came in for an inspection and announced it was under control. The state representative also informed the school of ways to prevent mold. The board decided they want to perform a reinspection on the locations where mold was found.

The next meeting will be at 4 p.m. on Feb. 4.


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