Weir senior awards announced

WEIRTON — Although unable to hold its annual Senior Recognition Assembly this spring in the Carl R. Hamill Field House, Weir High still honored its Class of 2020 graduates who received scholarships and awards toward their higher education goals.

Thirty-three 2020 graduates were awarded the Promise Scholarship: Boston Beatty, Maya Boni, Emily Budik, Mason Cassels, Joseph Cowher, Stephanie Crago, Megan Cramer, Nicholas D’Amico, Alex Destefano, Peri Dimitriou, Elizabeth Doerr, Olivia Dowler, Autumn Duckworth, Haley Fierro, Baylee Fram, Elijah Gillette, Jericho Givens, Isaiah Glasure, Morgan Grant, Christopher Hoover, Sarah Hudacheck, Sophia Mikula, Robert Minger, Justin Nall, Jessica Orris, Devin Price, Riley Reid, Lexi Rheinhardt, Faith Riggle, Margaret Rudiger, Jesse Tustin, Jasmine Tustin, and Spencer Vida.

Thirteen 2020 graduates received the Governor’s Workforce Credential: Tristen Ashcraft, Thomas Behanna, Sabrina Dipietrantonio, Jericho Givens, Christopher Hoover, Gabrielle Jackson, Alecia Kompardo, Tanner Mikula, Devin Price, John Schultz, Eli Stewart, George Wansack, and Devon Zahora.

Joseph Cowher, Peri Dimitriou, and Jessica Orris received the Charles M. & Thelma M Pugliese Charitable Foundation Scholarships.

Other scholarships announced by the high school were:

¯ Megan Cramer and Elijah Gillette were awarded the Class of 1972 Scholarship.

¯ Elijah Gillette received the Pickens Award.

¯ Sophia Mikula and Taylor Webster were awarded the Butch Mark Memorial Softball Scholarship.

¯ Margaret Rudiger and Nicholas D’Amico received the Mario Pipinos Memorial Scholarships.

¯ Margaret Rudiger was awarded the Beulah Meyer Scholarship.

¯ Jasmine Tustin and Sebastian Spencer received the WVSSAC Sportsmanship Award.

¯ Sebastian Spencer was awarded the Mary Green Scholarship.

¯ Brodie McUmar and Sebastian Spencer were recipients of the Donnell Award.

¯ Brodie McUmar received the Aaron Davies Memorial Scholarship, GFWC West Virginia Scholarship, West Virginia Italian Heritage Scholarship, Weirton Rotary Scholarship, Kurt R. Weiss Make-a-Wish Scholarship, Basil’s Sports Bar & Grill Scholarship, Weirton Termite Basketball Scholarship and the Friday Night Lights Scholarship.

¯ Skylar Jackson and Brodie McUmar were awarded the Helen T. Hamill Scholarship.

¯ Sophia Mikula and Skylar Jackson received the Jostens Scholarship.

¯ Sarah Hudacheck was awarded the Chad Pickens Student Council Scholarship and the George Zatezalo Memorial Scholarship.

¯ Stephanie Crago received the Amelia Mergen Memorial Scholarship.

¯ Sarah Bodrog was awarded the Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship.

¯ Jericho Givens received the Jerome B Schmitt Memorial Scholarship.

¯ Olivia Dowler was awarded the WVU Top Student Scholarship.

¯ Olivia Dowler and Devin Price received the Youth Leadership Association Scholarship.

¯ Devin Price was awarded the Motorcycle Memorial Scholarship, the Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe GOC Scholarship, and the Rick Kucan Memorial Scholarship. Devin Price was also named the WV FBLA Impromptu Speaking 1st Place Winner.

¯ Zachary Guiddy received the Louis F. Serra Memorial Scholarship.

¯ Isaiah Glasure was awarded the JC Williams Trust Scholarship.

¯ Morgan Grant received the Judi Ann Simich Memorial Scholarship.

¯ Riley Reid was awarded the Smaltz Family Scholarship, the Tony Ruskowski/Never Alone Scholarship, and the Undo’s Italian Heritage Scholarship.

¯ Robert Minger was named the National Academic Games Senior Player of the Year.

¯ Kaleigh Cowden was awarded the Robin M. Drennan Memorial Volleyball Scholarship.

¯ Autumn Duckworth received the Snack Brothers Scholarship.

¯ Olivia Bernola was awarded the Tikkun Olam Scholarship.

¯ Michael Zias received the WVNCC Mary K Ahrens Scholarship.

¯ Megan Lauck was warded the WVNCC Academic Scholarship.

¯ Drew Curtis received the WTOV-9 Red Donley Scholarship.


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