West Virginia voter registration deadline fast approaching

WHEELING — The voting registration deadline in West Virginia is less than a month away, with the number of Republican voter registrations increasing throughout both the state and the Northern Panhandle so far this year, while Democratic numbers are decreasing.

West Virginians not presently registered to vote — or needing to change their existing registration information — have until Oct. 13 to do so in time for the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Residents who wish to register to vote or update their information may do so on-line at ovr.sos.wv.gov/Register/Landing, at local courthouses during regular office hours, or by mail.

Current numbers show the overall number of Democrats in West Virginia decreasing since the last presidential election, and especially since the start of this year. Meanwhile, the number of registered Republican voters has increased.

There were 1,225,201 registered voters in West Virginia as of Dec. 31, according to information from the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office. Among these were 488,148 Democrats, and 411,872 Republicans across the state.

As of Aug. 31, the number of registered voters in West Virginia had risen to 1,239,790 heading into the general election. The most recent figures show the number of Democrats dropping 1.89 percent to 470,515, and the number of Republicans increasing by 1.54 percent to 435,925.

Registrations in Northern Panhandle counties reflect the trend.

Brooke County reports 18,826 registered voters as of Aug. 31, up slightly from 18,755 at the start of the year. The number of Democrats there has dropped from 9,110 at the start of January to 8,683 at the beginning of September. Republican numbers rose from 5,104 to 5,522 during the same time period.

In Hancock County, there were 23,907 voters at the end of 2019. That figure as of Aug. 31 had dropped slightly to 23,861.Democrat numbers decreased from 10,764 to 10,151 between January and September, while Republican numbers jumped from 7,555 to 8,032.

Marshall County had 20,693 voters on Dec. 31, and 20,908 on Aug. 31. Democrat registrations dropped from 8,357 to 8,020 during those nine months, while Republican registrations increased from 6,920 to 7,334.

Ohio County reported 29,810 registered voters to start 2020, and this had increased to 30,303 by Aug. 31. The number of Democrats in the county dropped from 11,640 to 11,432, while Republican registrations jumped from 10,011 to 10,590.

In Tyler County, there were 6,575 registered voters on Dec. 31, and 6,578 on Aug. 31. Democrat registrations went from 1,686 to 1,591, while Republicans registrations increased from 3,172 to 3,255.

Wetzel County had 9,833 registered voters to start the year, and Aug. 31 numbers show 10,016 total registrations. There were 4,893 Democrats there on Dec. 31, and the number on Aug. 31 was 4,668. Republican registrations rose from 2,689 to 3,010 during that time.

(King can be contacted at jking@theintelligencer.net)


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