West Virginia lowering COVID vaccination age limit to 70 and older

CHARLESTON — Gov. Jim Justice announced Wednesday morning that West Virginia will start vaccinating residents age 70 and up starting Wednesday, with the hopes of lowering the age for vaccinations to 65 sometime next week.

The state has been extremely active in vaccinating residents age 80 and older. Justice said new shipments of the vaccine have made it feasible for the state to lower the age limit. During his Wednesday morning COVID briefing with media, he mentioned the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation to start vaccinating people ages 65 and older nationwide.

“I’m all for flooding the vaccines out and getting them in people’s arms,” Justice said. “Next week, if we continue to push — and God knows we will, nobody’s going to push any harder than me. But we’re going to push and push and push, and absolutely as quickly as we know we’re going to have that significant amount of vaccines that will give us the ability to go to 65, we’re going to go to 65.”

The announcement follows an announcement on Tuesday about 14 free vaccination clinics this week across the state for residents 80 and older.

According to the Department of Health and Human Resources COVID-19 dashboard, West Virginia has given 100,696 West Virginians their first dose of vaccine and has fully vaccinated 16,434.


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