Water conservation order issued for northern parts of Weirton

WEIRTON – The Weirton Area Water Board has issued a water conservation notice for businesses and customers residing on County Road, from the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue to the north end. This notice also includes the entire Weircrest and Skyview areas, as well as the King’s Creek Bowl area located off of County Road.

Officials are asking water customers to refrain from watering lawns, filling swimming pools, washing cars, and using water for any other unnecessary activities.

This request for water conservation is due to a scheduled power outage in the area, which will result in a loss of power to a pump station that fills Skyview Water Tank. Conserving water will help to reduce the risk of decreasing water levels in the tanks during the power outage. Once power is restored and water levels in the tanks are at an adequate level, a separate notice will be issued to lift this water conservation notice.


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