Taking pride in the progress of the Ohio Valley

Take a look at any part of our Tri-State Area and you will find it nearly impossible not to see growth, expansion and reason for optimism.

Not too far to our north, you’ll find that work is continuing on the $8 billion-plus ethane cracker being built by Royal Dutch Shell in Monaca, Pa. Not too far to the south, meanwhile, all indications are that Thailand-based PTT Global Chemical and its South Korea-based partner, Daelim Industrial Inc., are poised to begin work on a $10 billion-plus cracker project in Dilles Bottom.

And, even closer, JSW USA has brought steel production back to the region in Mingo Junction, saying it will invest as much as $500 million in the facility that had sat idle for more than a decade.

That growth, which is making a big difference in our region’s economy, is helping to drive the positive stories that we will share as part of Progress 2019: Pride, Purpose and Prosperity.

It’s our annual progress edition, our comprehensive look at region from many different angles. We’ll be distributing it in five installments, beginning Friday, with an overview of how the oil and gas industry is helping to shape our region, as well as the area’s economic outlook.

On Feb. 8, we will offer a look at our area’s communities, retail businesses and financial services, and on Feb. 15 we will turn our attention to tourism and lifestyles. The focus shifts to health education and careers on Feb. 22, with the final installment, on Feb. 27, featuring an examination of business, industry and transportation.

In addition, you’ll find profiles about local businesses whose owners take pride in what they do and who work diligently to serve area residents.

While each section will contain impressive stories, when you look at all five sections as a completed project, you’ll see there is a great deal to be excited about.

It wasn’t all that long along that our region faced what many considered to be insurmountable challenges. That has changed, quickly and in a big way. We’re seeing that our area has plenty of people who care about the future, are willing to take on new challenges and are ready to work every day to ensure that the Tri-State Area remains a great place to live.

They are the people who have positive stories to tell, and we are honored to be able to share them with you.