Being transparent on the road work

The West Virginia Division of Highways unveiled a new, interactive map on its website this past week, as part of its effort to be more transparent and allow residents to have a better idea on the progress of the various ongoing road projects in the state.

The map, available online at transportation.wv.gov, is supposed to include every road project in the state, whether it be so-called secondary road maintenance or the projects under the Roads to Prosperity program championed by Gov. Jim Justice.

Providing “real-time statistics” the website is promoted as being able to keep us up-to-date on the status of all projects, and can be searched either by the user’s physical address, or by city, county of DOH district. For example, if there are any projects set for Hancock or Brooke counties, we should be able to see what is involved, where they are located and how far along they may be.

Of course, websites are only as good as the information put on them, so this will require constant updating by our Highways officials and employees, who could probably better spend their time actually focusing on the projects themselves.

This also isn’t the only website developed by the state to help showcase the efforts to improve our roads. We also can’t forget that some areas of our state don’t necessarily have ready access to the internet, so any online portal for this information is of no use to them.

There is a lot of work going into maintaining our state’s roads, although it might not always be apparent to our residents. While we do appreciate the efforts to keep us informed, the focus should always first be on making sure the work is completed.


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