Blue Stream Farms continues to grow

In less than four years, Blue Stream Farms has gone from an idea to a full-fledged, and thriving, operation.

Yet, there are probably many in our area who still are unaware of what it is.

An open house held Saturday will, hopefully, help to change that.

Blue Stream Farms is, at its core, both an economic development opportunity and an educational program. Working with area schools, it provides hands-on tasks for local students who will learn aspects of science and business.

Through aquaponics, the students are able to test different methods of growing selected produce. The process includes the raising of telapia, using the fish waste and water to grow the plants, and then distributing the plants to the community, either through sales to local restaurants and other businesses, or donation to area non-profits.

The hope in the years to come is for the operation to expand from its current location in the lower level of Sacred Heart of Mary School to a larger space which then will include a commercial-grade growing operation. That way, it eventually can both serve as an educational laboratory for our youth and a job opportunity for area residents.

We’ve already seen some successes in our region with urban farming. This is just another method, and one that has shown great potential for the Upper Ohio Valley.

We wish everyone at Blue Stream Farms continued success as they look to grow their footprint in our community.