There’s no excuse not to vote

West Virginia’s primary election is officially two weeks away, with residents set to head to the polls June 9 after it being rescheduled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Voting by Mountain State residents has been going on for a while now, though, and, beginning today, it is in full swing with the start of the state’s early voting period.

The early voting process has been used for many years in West Virginia, providing registered voters an opportunity to cast their ballots in the event they won’t be able to visit their polling place on the established election day.

To do so, all one must do is visit their county’s elections office during regular business hours and request to vote. This year, they may have to call ahead and schedule a time given ongoing restrictions at most courthouses, but beyond that it is a simple process.

The early voting period will last until June 6, just a few days prior to the primary.

We highly encourage our local voters to make good use of this opportunity. Voting is among our most important civic responsibilities, allowing us to voice our opinion on the direction of our community, state and nation. It should be exercised regularly.

As a reminder, for those who may not feel comfortable going out into the community just yet, West Virginia also has been offering an opportunity to vote by absentee ballot to all registered voters.

You should have received an application, which can be filled out and returned to your county clerk in order to have a ballot sent to you in the mail. It takes only a few minutes of our time.

This will be an unusual election for our state, but we have options available to us to let our voices be heard.

Whichever balloting process you choose, the important thing is to vote.

West Virginians really have no excuse this time.


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