The epidemic that is not going away

A precious little baby girl died needlessly last week. Police blame it on the epidemic raging through our area.

Not COVID-19. No, this epidemic has been with us far longer and is much deadlier. It is drug abuse.

As we reported, Chester resident Kace Lee Schmigal, 31, was charged last week with child neglect resulting in death — of her infant daughter. The child was born in April. After being injured July 11, the baby died last week at a hospital in Pittsburgh.

Police say the child was with her mother at a home in Benwood when the injuries occurred. A video recording from the house seems to indicate Schmigal was using intravenous drugs. Another woman interviewed by police said she saw Schmigal using heroin. The police report contains other details.

If Schmigal is guilty — and that has not been proven — it will be just one more death of a child due to drug abuse by an adult. In this case, the dead baby’s mother is being blamed.

What kind of hold must drug addiction have on a person for that to happen? The situation is incomprehensible to most parents, who, we feel confident in writing, would give their own lives before allowing serious harm to come to their children.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, COVID-19 may seem like just a bad dream.

Meanwhile, the substance abuse nightmare continues.


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