Recognizing the daily work of our heroes

We often are reminded of the dangers faced each day by our nation’s emergency responders as they go out to protect their communities.

Last week, as Americans took time to remember the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, Weirton residents took time to honor four area law enforcement officers who stepped up into danger in order to save the lives of others.

On July 10, during a heavy rainfall, the water levels of Harmon Creek began to rise, resulting in a group of local children becoming trapped under a bridge along the creek.

Lt. Brian Beatty, Sgt. Troy Bickers and Patrolman Reese Thompson of the Weirton Police Department, and Senior Trooper Justin M. Padurean of the West Virginia State Police responded. The officers stepped forward, doing what they are trained to do, putting themselves at risk to help others in need by taking the youth the safety.

In a service on the front steps of the Weirton Municipal Building, city officials, police officers and more gathered to honor the efforts of those four individuals. Some of the children also were on hand to offer their thanks, assisting in the presentation of certificates of appreciation.

We, too, offer our thanks, and the thanks of the community.

Our emergency responders, whether they be police officers, firefighters or emergency medical personnel, never know what they will face when they put on their uniform and go out into our communities.

There are potential dangers most of us don’t want to think about, but these individuals know each day there is the possibility those dangers will be faced. Even with that knowledge, they continue to go out there, serving residents who may never know them or what they do to keep everyone safe.


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