Get facts back in politics

To the Editor,

Retired columnist, Thomas Sowell, pens a column “A nation of fact-free politics.”

We are not talking about differences of opinion or inadequate verification, but about statements and catchwords in utter defiance of facts.

Citing what he calls a catchword “climate change deniers.”

To the “climate change deniers,” why is the weather report equivalent to a nuclear attack, what to do, how to escape? Remember when it was a five-minute report? Partly cloudy, partly sunny.

Then Sowell jumps into the age-old dilemma. do the rich pay their fair share of taxes?

With much of the voodoo economy, the economist spew he defeated his own argument.

Quoting: “Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon in 1920 calling it ‘incredible’ that tax laws allowed some making a million dollars a year to pay not a cent in taxes. Because they put their money into the exempt securities.”

In his opening, Sowell says everyone knows the climate changes.

In my closing, Andrew Mellon was right. Take from the poor and give to the rich and that is not right. Billionaires are a dime a dozen, but the poor shall overcome. Look out!

Steve Kopa