Give peace, prosperity a chance

To the Editor,

Today, our economy is humming along at a rate which Obama and his fellow party members told us would never occur. We were destined to be a service economy, a la flipping burgers at McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Burger King.

A stagnant employment rate, a sluggish economy, threats from North Korea and Iran and second-class treatment by the Chinese were here to stay in a new world order according to these nabobs of nincompoopery.

Boom! Along comes President Donald Trump and the economy rockets into high gear. World leaders are listening and not looking to kick the U.S. on the shins. The U.S. has gone from an importer to an exporter of energy, believe it or not.

But hold the presses–news flash: Here’s Obama now trying to take all the credit for the expanding economy whereas he’d previously predicted that what’s presently happening would be impossible. Just what is it, Barack? Or do you think people are just that gullible that they’ll believe whatever you say? It was, after all, your Democrat party, which in our early history, controlled both Congress and the Supreme Court, as well as presidents who favored slavery (e.g., Jackson, Van Buren, Polk and Buchanan) and almost split the country in two. In an attempt to undo the results of that Civil War, it was the Democrats who gave life to the KKK.

The newly-birthed and rising Republican party set the slaves free and granted them rights enumerated in our constitution–rights established for all men.

An alien who just landed on earth might think “Wow, what a country.” However, a large segment of the population, egged on by the news media and the opposition party, constantly berates the president. They call themselves “The Resistance,” thereby insulting those who fought truly evil dictators in World War II. They don’t like his tweets, the way he talks or the color of his hair. He’s a racist, a bigot, a Nazi, hates immigrants and is a colluder with the Russians and he probably takes candy from infants. Should he come up with any new plans ‘The Resistance’ doesn’t like them either, even before he lays them out.

Lincoln spent his first term beset by critics in the press and the Democrat Party known then as the Locofocos. Try as he might to save the country, whatever he did was all bad or at least not good enough. Now I would be foolish to equate Trump with Lincoln, but while I’m presently holding my fire against Trump, at least I’m willing to let him have an opportunity to succeed. He aptly calls out the “Fake News” and sadly that term hits the mark.

Can Trump go down in history as one of our better presidents? I honestly don’t know at this point. Then I think that so long ago it was thought Uncle Abe could never be re-elected, much less become our best president ever.

Give peace and prosperity a chance. What have we got to lose?

Linda Wickstrom