Consequences of election

To the Editor,

The November elections are, in media terms, “Old News”, and yet the seeds for 2020 are already being sown. On the local front, GOF (gas, oil, and fracking) is still the number one issue with the education dilemma closing fast.

I am sad to report we have taken a giant step backwards with the election of a representative whose expertise in GOF is woefully lacking. The mantra of “I used to work in the steel mill and I know these things, combined with handing out birthday greetings to constituents,” just doesn’t cut it. My background is in medicine and I am nothing more than an over-educated bum who usually doesn’t have a clue.

The guy he beat is a geologist with extensive state, national and international experience in the GOF arena. This begs the question of whatever happened to the common sense policy of supporting the most qualified person, regardless of political affiliation? The GOF industry represents the future with unlimited potential but only under experience stewardship to achieve the results we all desire.

I would be remorseful if the teacher’s union was left out of this equation for our children are truly the future. This myopic political group, in my humble opinion, is in dire need of new leadership. I urge all educators to reassess their leaders and institute appropriate changes.

I thought long and hard before I submitted this article. You can only imagine the number of enraged egos I have shattered, along with a mountain of hate mail laced in emotional, “Let’s shut this guy up, but good!” It was not my intention to offend steel workers or teachers but sometimes a gentle shove in the right direction can make all the difference. When deciding what tree to hang this worthless soul from I only ask you for your forgiveness and a small dose of understanding.

For a better West Virginia

Greg Baldt



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