Focus on the children

To the Editor,

The last few days have been eventful to say the least. It is unfortunate, sometimes, that adult issues overshadow the great works of our children and teachers. When I grew up on the farm, one of my Grandmother’s favorite sayings was believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. I guess the same is true in school systems. In small towns, schools are the primary focus. That is normally a good thing, but sometimes messages are given that stifle the productivity of our children and teachers.

First, let me say that I have worked in many counties over the years and I have not seen such an outstanding group of administrators. I value the strengths of each one and try to assist them with their struggles. That is what superintendents do. Our children are blessed to have such great schools and faculties.

This is contract season for superintendents and lately there has been a lot of focus on my contract. This not unusual, especially when a superintendent has facilitated change. Change is appreciated by some and others are more reluctant. Nevertheless, let’s put our focus on what really matters and that is our children. We have so much to celebrate in Hancock County. We are truly a shining star in this state.

Superintendents come and go, that is simply the nature of what we do. Superintendents take this risk when we sign up for the job. We can’t take it personal or choose sides as that creates havoc in a county. I think we have witnessed these circumstances. Let’s continue to celebrate our wonderful children and terrific teachers.

Finally, boards of education have very difficult jobs. Not many other elected officials have the daily, direct contact with their constituents as do board members. They have continuous conversations with many people. People have varied opinions on how a school system should or should not be run. When boards make decisions on superintendents, I truly believe most do so out of love for their children. Everything works out in time and, for now, I hope the focus returns to our children and teachers. Let’s celebrate the goodness in our county.


Tim Woodward

Hancock County Schools