What is in the future?

To the Editor,

Not a word I heard of the Weir Avenue blast that destroyed the BOP, the mill of the past.

Did anyone expect a dirt bomb of that magnitude, and did the EPA approve of such a catastrophe?

The former city manager was lauded for his transparency. Yet Patrick Ford, Business Development Corp. executive director, is not divulging any of the prospects to build in the city. Transparency Pat.

I don’t think we will see swimming pools, playgrounds or schools on such contaminated property.

So what is it going to be, a development of dirt and grime, orange and black clouds, black lung and cancer, or clean energy, fresh clean air and clean water?

The public has a right to know.

The bigger the development, the larger the population. The city fathers better get ready and prepare the infrastructure to handle the traffic.

Come on guys, put up $200,000 and get a $1 million grant to restore or build a new Lee Avenue bridge.

If more than one of the new developers use the railroad, the Cove Road crossing will be backed up to Main Street and beyond, which is already happening.

The Lee Avenue bridge is infrastructure for Weirton residents. It’s necessary for easy access in and out to the city building, state building, community center, library, fire station and Bowman field, and this is Weirton’s historic hub. Let’s preserve it.

Steve Kopa



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