Why wouldn’t we want to save money?

To the Editor,

Senate Bill 451 was defeated by the state teacher’s union calling for a mass walkout primarily because of the Charter school and education saving accounts aspects of the bill. First, the Legislature set a bad precedent by paying teachers for their walkout last year. I hope they don’t make the same mistake twice.

Second, every time charter schools are proposed anywhere in this country, teacher’s unions adamantly oppose it. That is amazing, because overall charter schools consistently out perform their public counterparts. Yet, our teachers claimed they struck because they want what is best for the children!

Third, I estimate it costs, on average, $15,000 a year per student (K-12) to educate our children. Two-thirds comes from our local property taxes and the rest from state funding. So educational savings accounts give parents the option to receive a fixed amount of money to apply to private schooling. Yes, it decreases the state funding to public schools since their enrollment decreases, but it is a bargain for both the state and local tax payers because these savings accounts are a fraction of the actual costs we pay to publicly school children. Is that not a win-win? Maybe not for public school teachers, when parents and property tax payers realize their children can get a better education in alternative settings at less cost.

Blaise Hogan