Ignore the political branding

To the Editor,

There is one thing that Trump does know how to do, branding. Only one thing, but he does know how it’s done.

I’m guessing that his political advisors have told him to brand Democratic candidates as socialists. It’s a dirty word on the right wing base, and among moderates it’s going too far.

But instead of focusing on the generalities of strapping people down with labels that they may or may not believe, let’s examine the underlying ideas that make us two economic theories that some think are opposing but in reality are not.

The overwhelming majority of Democrats strongly support Social Security and Medicare. Some of us like to be known as “compassionate capitalists,” others prefer to be known as “democratic socialists.” In the end, just exactly what is the difference other than the ludicrous labeling or branding that are placed upon them?

some of us prefer Medicare for all. Some of us prefere a Medicare buy-in. And still others would like to see what’s known as the public options. They’re not completely distinctions without a difference, but what they are is three different ways to get to the same place! It’s three paths to the same location.

Why on earth would we let the uncompassionate capitalists divide us over something as almost inconsequential as the pathway we take to reach the most desirable outcome? I’m assuming that outcome would be affordable, accessible, well-done healthcare for everyone.

I even heard one Democrat say that it would not be fair to people with bargained-for healthcare insurance through their unions and companies. The answer to that, if you think for a moment, seems pretty simple. The benefits bargained for by the unions and companies should be converted to cash payments. There now, doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Let’s not let Trump and the cruelest and greediest of Republicans separate us from each other and our basic goals. Instead, let’s invite our compassionate capitalist friends to join us in goals that we all can be proud of.

Bob Atkinson



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