Unredacted report much needed

To the Editor,

Ladies and gentlemen of America, who is going to be the 21st century hero for the people and save not only our democracy but America’s shining light image?

Review 1971: The Pentagon Papers. Thousands of pages released by Daniel Ellsberg exposing the deception of our government in carrying out the Vietnam War, exposing that the government had knowledge the war could most likely not be won and had lied about it.

Ellsberg was arrested for releasing top secret information, but was acquitted.

The right of the press to publish the papers was upheld by the Supreme Court.

Trump’s presidency is worse than the Vietnam War that tore America apart. It is tearing America apart at its core values.

We live in a democracy. Where is the hero in the Mueller probe who has the courage to release the 400 to 700 pages of unredacted testimony from many witnesses?

The public has the right to know the truth either vindicating the president or showing a president hell-bent on hyperventilating on everything but the truth.

This presidency has put America on a collision course with everything we hold sacred. The wreck is coming. Someone has to step up to the plate before it is too late.

But first, we need transparency and an unredacted Mueller report.

Steve Kopa