Ignoring the real problem

To the Editor,

Talk about ignoring the big elephant in the room local, state and national West Virginia leaders have in many instances simply missed the boat. From those who view President Trump as infallible to those loony liberals who have no concept of reality, there is plenty of blame to go around.

I am sure many of you are thinking what designer drugs is this guy enjoying? Other than an occasional beer and a fine cigar the only thing that differentiates me from most West Virginians is I voted with my feet and left Arizona. There are a number of transplanted West Virginians from across the country who have personally experienced the consequences of illegal invaders. Most of us have gone into Paul Revere mode and have attempted to spread the word of this growing threat but alas, for the most part we have been politely placated and ignored; that is until recently. From leaders of a teachers’ union that are encompassed in a bubble of ignorance to a media who is irresponsibly nowhere in their coverage all resulting in an uncertain future. I realize these are fairly strong statements but time is short and the consequences are devastating. To get a feel for the nature of this threat I urge you to have a chat with local law enforcement.

After you get your hands around the consequences of this tsunami you’re probably asking yourself what can we do? I suggest you check out the governor of Florida who recently signed legislation that addresses many of these issues including sanctuary cities and the banning of sharia law. Perhaps West Virginia politicians should look to the sunshine state for inspiration because as of this date their silence is deafening.


Greg Baldt