Keep Electoral College in place

To the Editor,

Friends, neighbors and fellow Americans if I might take a moment of your time to remind you of the lessons you learned in school:

The articles of our Constitution were hammered out by some of the most brilliant political minds the world has known. Presently, some pea-brained political small fry believe the document which guided us through 200 years of our Republic must be modified to their whims.

The founders of our Republic knew the dangers of people at-large electing the chief executive. They came up with the idea of the electoral college, whereby you would vote for an elector from your state who would participate in voting for the president. Electors were awarded to states based on the number of senators and representatives the state had.

How was this better than a popular vote at large? If you use the popular vote, a sect or religious group or a mindless mob might control the outcome. Putin in Russia has always won the popular vote. Adolph Hitler in Nazi Germany won by popular vote. Those living in smaller states, e.g., West Virginia, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, etc., would not even need to vote. Get the votes from New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco to support you and the election is over. Eventually, they vote all the largesse for themselves and where would you be?

Whiners complain that the present system is unfair, but let us examine the founders’ views about electing the chief executive. They were well aware of how dangerous rule by a mob could become. Thus, they evolved a plan.

When you vote in your home state you are one of maybe 900,000 voters. In a popular vote nationwide, you are one of 100 million voters, roughly speaking. By giving your vote to an elector you can have more influence in the election result. Does your vote really have any chance of influencing the result? (one vote out of 900,000 is better than one of 100 million and one of 538 electors is best of all).

I remind you again of the 1960 Pirate World Series win. The Pirates won more games but the Yankees scored more runs (55 total Yankee runs to the Pirates 27; four games to three, Pirates win.) The Yankees couldn’t complain because the rules were known beforehand. Hockey and basketball rules are the same.

Think of it. You have given your vote to an elector who is one of 538. Now your vote becomes more powerful than ever. The system is thus ingenious and should not be tampered with by politicians of either party. Do you know any of the present crop who are equal to the likes of Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Franklin, Washington and Hamilton?

The next time contemporary pinheads resurrect their thoughtless plans remember who they are. Abandon the electoral college and ochlocracy, or mob rule, will be the result. Tell your congressman: Leave the electoral college as is.

Linda Wickstrom



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