Keep our environment clean

To the Editor,

Random thoughts.

Some might say they want to see President Trump fail. Too many people in the administration are trying to please the puppet master. Trump’s changing executive privilege into dictatorial privilege. Maybe it would be best if we should all like to see him fail.

What does the 21st century many have? Just a 1,500 word vocabulary that some don’t understand, which has created crisis after crisis and confusion throughout the world and war on the horizon.

History was kind to early century dictators. They called them conquerors. Today we call them nation builders.

The sad thing for educators. There are children that do not have the inherent genes to learn, and there are those that don’t want to learn and there is not much one can do about it.

To all the parents and grandparents, why the talk about leaving our children in debt?

What is more important, money or sitting in the park in a clean environment — no matter how much it costs — listening to the birds sing and watching the squirrels scurrying up and down trees, breathing clean air and having a cool, clean glass of water to drink?

The children throughout the world are answering. Clean up the environment.

If the Constitution is so easy to understand, why is it nine justices in some cases can’t figure it out? Yet we have lawyers that never argued a case before the Supreme Court and pundits bragging they know exactly what it says.

The reason socialism is on the rise. The private sectors like big pharma are pricing themselves out of business, and if the people down in the trenches doing all the hard labor do not realize they have a plan on what to do with the masses that are expendable, we are not facing reality.

Oxygen, the breath of life, mixed with pollution is the death of life.

Weirton Daily Times, May 25, “Proposed battery recycler pulls permit request for Chester site, will refocus on Weirton.”

Patrick Ford, executive director of BDC, is Weirton to become the future dump site for companies with dangerous solutions? Mayor, city council, stand your ground. MMM’s record is not too great. Safety and environmental infractions. Enough said. Just say no to permits.

Steve Kopa



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