Let’s teach true facts

To the Editor,

Consider sexual orientation for America from the colonial days to the 20th and 21st centuries presidents.

Ben Franklin, the debaucher’s limerick: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” He was let into the bedrooms of many women after the lights had gone out and fathered as least 15 illegitmare children.

Starting with Jimmy Carter, “I have only committed adultry in my heart,” to JFK’s hitting on a different woman every three days, to Clinton’s defining oral as meaning more than brushing one’s teeth in his relationship with the girl in the black beret, Monica Lewinsky.

Now, out of the depths of the shades of gray come startling news suggested by a dossier pertaining to President Donald Trump’s visit to Russia — golden showers, use one’s imagination, no explanation necessary.

Freud was right — sex is the most driving force in a person’s psyche.

What if sex wasn’t taught as a sin and discussed as a healthy act between two consenting adults and the safety of using a condom to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancies instead of destroying the minds of children who are reaching the age of puberty — what’s happening to my body — and explaining the truth.

Punishment by hellfire has not worked. If we teach the true facts about what constitutes procreation and what safety measures should be taken in the act, it will become a disease-free, abortion-free and less-angry world.

Steve Kopa



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