Questions about the church

To the Editor,

Wake up, people of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Follansbee, before we lose two good people.

Everyone can see that we have two of the best people in the church, ones who any church in the Ohio Valley would love to have, namely Joel John and Attillio Boni.

Our church at Christmas and Easter was decorated so beautifully, thanks to the efforts of both of them. It took many hours of work by many volunteers and Joel’s mother. The flowers and arrangements were gorgeous and all donated by Joel with no charge to the church. The music in the church now is the best it has ever been, thanks to them getting the choir back together.

We have people acting like Democrats and Republicans, bucking what these two men have been doing to improve our church. Right now, we have no crucifix hanging in our church. We would like to know how we can again get our crucifix back that hung there for years before the fire. As of now, the crucifix, which was taken down after the Pentecost by me and others, is in the back room lying against the wall.

I don’t know who is making these decisions, but they evidently are not aware of our situation. We need to have a meeting to get answers and the situation resolved soon. If we don’t resolve this soon, we will lose what we have now.

We have an acting bishop who is dishonest and was in charge of investigating wrong-doings in our diocese. How can such a dishonest person be in charge of this type of investigation? It was stated in the Washington Post that Bishop William Lori asked that his name and others be omitted from the list of people who were given money by former Bishop Michael Bransfield. He then decided to return the money given to him back to Catholic Charities. He would not have given back the money if he had not been caught.

We are not giving up our faith in our church, but we are questioning what is going on. We are in a delicate situation, and we all need to work together to keep what we have. I pray that the lord gives us the knowledge and strength to accomplish this.

Joe Matello



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