Be careful what you wish for

To the Editor,

All parties must think progressively, whether Democrat, Republican or independent.

It’s the 21st century, not a century of covered wagons — we are going to the moon.

There are 330 million people and issues need to be addressed promptly if America is to survive, including health, climate and threat of wars.

Trump’s alternative to Obamacare is a cheaper, short-term health insurance plan that doesn’t have to cover people with pre-existing conditions or provide basic benefits like prescription drugs.

It’s called survival of the fittest. Young people think they will conquer the world and never die and wait until death is upon them before they buy a health plan.

Anyone with any common sense, or no sense, would have to question the morality of such a train wreck.

When the separation among the rich, middle class and poor expands to the point of finger-pointing about who has quality health care, disaster becomes more predictable.

The weather — it’s conclusive that if and when the oceans swell and leave the major portion of the population wet, hungry and thirsty, there will not be enough bullets to stop the migration of destitute people who will be scrounging for food.

War is merciless, yet Sean Hannity, during his opening monologue of Fox News during his national broadcast of July 18, did a war chant that was deplorable.

Bragging that I know something you don’t has dumbed down America.

Let me be clear I am not for boots on the ground, and I know Trump and he’s not for boots on the ground. But let me be clear, we must take Iran out and bring them to their knees using bunker bombs on their missile sites.

Any higher up who told you we will not need boots on the ground in the aftermath of an attack on Iran is engaging in a nightmarish thought. Be careful what you wish for –many will die on your watch and with your war chant.

Steve Kopa



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