Issues not being addressed

To the Editor,

It’s happened. Headlines in all the local papers. Church in crisis.

So, let me add my humble comments.

Big question asked by many. How did Bransfield get away with it?

Lay Catholic Voices for Change asked for two new rules demanded by Archbishop Lori’s investigation. The implementation of a two — legible — signature rule for the cashing of checks within the diocese.

Do away with the unchecked authority of the clergy within the church.

Like any unchecked priest, it starts with “It’s all in the name of Jesus.”

All of a sudden, along comes a rent-a-priest. They change every several years.

In three pages of testimony, in three local newspapers, Archbishop Lori has not ruled on checking the unchecked priests. It’s business as usual.

The unrestricted priests have total control over the high school, grade school and all financial transactions.

Now let’s tinker with the idea he hires all teachers with this holier-than-thou attitude he prefers. Teaching more hellfire to keep students out of hell instead of let them teach what they were hired for: reading, writing and math first in the classroom.

Let the pastor’s homily insight to the scripture, “just read” guide students and parishioners through life.

Going to Catholic school should not be a punishment. It should be an enlightenment.

If not, the wrecking ball will be hanging over the Dube Dome and it will be too late to ask “How did we let them get away with it?”

Too much power not addressed by Archbishop Lori.

It’s called a wanted outcome by an unchecked priest without a hallelujah ending for the parishioners.

Steve Kopa



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