Marina brings joy

To the Editor,

I am elated to hear about the new water pipes that are going to replace the old ones throughout the Steubenville Marina.

I so enjoy the peaceful beauty of the marina’s wildlife and nature surrounding me, the rabbits, geese, chipmunks, ducks and the gentle breeze rustling through the trees. I love watching the sun reflect off the water and the splashing of waves as the barges and boats go by.

The marina also is a favorite place to share a sandwich with a loved one from the local Subway nearby. It’s amazing watching the ants below our feet as breadcrumbs fall. Hundreds gather quicker than the eyes can watch. The ability these ants have in storing their food for the winter is beyond belief. It’s something how surrounding ants will come together to help the one carrying a breadcrumb larger than itself.

Why can’t we all be that way? Whatever happened to community pride? So many come and go to the Steubenville Marina. Why can’t we all come together and help one another in keeping the surrounding area clean of all trash? It saddens me people coming in and using the grounds as their personal garbage dump with items such as mattresses, fast food containers and such. But what’s even worse than that is when they feel free to run their vehicles through the grass leaving embedded tire tracks or feeling free to use the shelters as their personal garage, driving their car right up under the shelter.

Possibly a wire fence surrounding the grassy area with a few gates attached may be a solution to the vehicle problem, and perhaps cameras can be placed to capture the litterers, and/or law enforcement patrol.

Tinna Adams



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