Theocrats and hypocrisy

To the Editor,

I’m way past having been done with these hypocritical evangelicals and religious nitwits attempting to force their indoctrination onto people of other beliefs and scientific disciplines.

They try to claim some sort of moral high ground by invoking their belief structure onto others who, much of the time, are morally superior to themselves.

Case in point: The morally decrepit, feeble-minded grifter and thief of a president.

Yes, President Trump, you can’t get cancer from wind mills, and neither the Brits nor the Revolutionary Army of 1775 had the ability to fly and land. There were no airports to re-establish control over, but don’t let that stop you from making an international fool of yourself as you so often do very well.

That should suffice to adequately reveal the feeble-minded segment of my account of the president,

Let’s get on with the morally inadequate behavior of the emperor Trump.

Aside from separating infants and toddlers from their parents, which, of course, President Barack Obama did not so as much as you want it to be true. It was not even close to the first time that Trump has sunken to the lowest level of depravity and wicked corruption.

From the early 2000s throughout and beyond the end of that decade, Trump’s (charitable) foundation was accused of a “shocking pattern of illegality.”

More plainly spoken and more directly stated, Trump allegedly stole from veterans and from children with cancer.

On Dec. 18, the Donald J. Trump Foundation agreed to dissolve and give away all of its remaining assets under court supervision.

Trump and his demon seed Eric allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

Allow me to make myself profoundly and crystal clear to those who support this morally bankrupt, mentally incompetent excuse for a human being.

In the past, I have written about this subject but have never received any sort of reply or rebuttal to my assertion. Why? Because there are no reasonable arguments to be made,

Trump is not allowed to become involved in a charity in New York for 10 years because of his despicable behavior, so why don’t the overblown, morally inept Trump worshipers think twice before they call into question the morals of atheists or those of different ideologies than those of a man who would steal from children with cancer and veterans of a service that he magically was stricken from with bone spurs.

I am not a religious man, but I have never given thought to stealing from veterans or children with cancer as the president has.

No one should question my morals or the morals of others while defending this shell man who is called the president.

I dare anyone to refute any portion of this letter in order to retrieve or rehabilitate any veracity or ethical standards.

One more thing: Why is it that when Trump speaks I’m either yelling “liar” or hearing Austin Powers or Benny Hill music playing in my mind as background music?

Bob Atkinson



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