Time to stop crying wolf

To the Editor,

When I was a youngster my mother told me a story of the little boy who cried “wolf.” Briefly, it tells of a young lad who knew that all the neighbors would come running to the rescue if a wolf should be threatening the flock of lambs each of them had raised. The boy called out “wolf” and neighbors, armed with pitchforks, shotguns, etc., came to his aid. He thought it so amusing that he did it over and over again. One day a wolf did arrive to threaten the boy and his flock. He cried “wolf” but no one came. His continued cries had left his neighbors indifferent to his pleas.

Why do I tell you this tale? The reason is simple. Today people shout “racist” whenever they refer to persons with views they oppose. Make no mistake: There are true racists in this country today and we will probably have them as long as there are human beings on this planet. However, calling anyone with whom we disagree a racist is making people who clearly are not racist numb to the continual use of the term.

Consider those who live in this country. There are a number who truly hate the United States and all it stands for. They don’t want to see the country succeed and thus continually find fault with us. I believe the United States is the greatest country man has ever established. True, we had and still have our imperfections but we have done our best to erase them or make them right. More than 300,000 men died, and countless others became amputees to ensure that all citizens rights were secured. Our greatest president gave his life for this.

So when you have the U.S. haters rambling on and on with their foul language and blatant disrespect for our flag, why do they wish to remain here? There are no laws forcing anyone to remain here for even one hour in if this is not a country one can love. We won’t miss you and you can find your earthly happiness elsewhere on the planet. I don’t hate you because of race, color, creed or lifestyle and I would never use force to remove you. However, if you stay you are expected to appreciate the good that you have here.

Stop focusing on the evil you see and enter a civil dialogue with your fellow citizens to make this an even better country. Above all stop crying “wolf” whenever you just plain dislike someone.

Linda Wickstrom



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