Background checks for all

To the Editor,

America fought the Civil War with muskets and tamed the Old West with six shooters.

There is something wrong with the system when one person can walk into a Wal-Mart in Dallas, Texas, and kill at will 22 people, injure 30 more and nine hours later the same thin happen in Dayton, Ohio.

Maybe we should go back to selling six shooters and muskets for hunting and target practice and quit selling guns with multiple rounds of ammo up to 100 in a magazine.

Instead of talking about what to do about these guns today, the issue is sidestepped with we must address mental health issues.

It’s ridiculous to target one segment of society who has mental health issues.

Let’s just target all of society with strict background checks to purchase guns. What is so difficult to understand that guns kill no matter who pulls the trigger on a gun with a hundred-round magazine.

Psychiatry 101.

I would be careful with labeling red flags to who said what. With some of the tweets the president has made, he would be at the top of the list as a dangerous person.

Steve Kopa



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