Destabilization of America

To the Editor,

Let’s talk about where we stand.

Capitalism: The super rich control everything

Democracy: Rule by the people.

Socialism: The government controls everything. A curveball distraction to what is coming.

Since 2000, the plot has been to obliterate the middle class and control the masses.

It’s worked very well. Very few companies guarantee permanent positions with stability, bonuses, pension benefits and opportunities to move up are rare.

In Trump’s hocus-pocus economy, jobs that are being created now won’t be around in five years.

What’s next? Aristocracy, the rule by privilege.

While the middle class was being duped with stagnant wages since 2000, a known sexual predator, Jeffrey Epstein, was getting away with pimping underage girls to influential friends and getting away with it. There is something wrong with the above picture.

Let’s go back to democracy, the rule by law, and the capitalists who support jobs for the masses, and, at least, a free lunch for the indigent.

Steve Kopa



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