Gas and food prices still killing the economy

To the Editor,

I think we all know that the United States is the No.1 in gas exploration and exporting, and still gas prices are as high as $2.80 a gallon.

People on Social Security need a break. Gas prices should be $2 a gallon if not lower. Try living on fixed income and see what happens. You cannot go out as much, and when you do you’re looking for deals.

Food prices right now are simply out of sight with a common salad selling for over $12. Crazy! Buy and good burger and you’re over $7. Unheard of.

My grocery bills have gone up over $60 more than I was paying eight months ago. Things have got to change.

Now I know what you are all thinking, blame it on politics. No way. If something is not done soon, I feel a recession is on the way. Miminum wage increases are killing everything. As wages go up everyone wants to make profits and food and gas go up. Sooner or later a breaking point will occur and when it does we the people will pay even more!

Now I am hearing a 20 percent tip on top of that. Sorry it’s just not right.

Richard Budney Sr.



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