Letters can be very strange

To the Editor,

This is the first time that I have made a response to a letter to the editor. This is referring to Rob Denham’s letter “Pathetically desperate” that appeared in the Aug. 18 edition. Over time, Denham has been severe in his attacks on Democrats in letters to the editor.

Quote by Denham: “Speaking of shameless Democrats, is anyone else tired of the constant flow of ridiculous inflammatory rhetoric from liberals and Democrats, toward people who disagree with them?” Look up President Trump’s tweets and watch him on TV and see clips from his rallies. It’s the president who has a constant flow of ridiculous and inflammatory rhetoric. He’ll attack anyone and everyone who disagrees with him or makes some criticism or who didn’t support him. And he has continued to try to destroy various individuals.

How Denham describes Democrats, I have run into Trump (extreme) supporters who are just like that, that only they are right and become verbally attacking and confrontational. I am a moderate and bi-partisan person. Some of the Democrats in the U.S. Congress have gotten extreme and they are too far to the left. I don’t like it. There are many Democrats in the Congress who are dedicated in their service to our nation, who work for the betterment of their states and our nation.

In the letters, Denham has written over time, he seems to despise Democrats and views them as idiots. In our area, I have known many Democrats and they are good and decent people who make many positive contributions in our communities.

The next comments refer to Gail Wickstrom regarding the letter “It’s time to enjoy a laugh” that was published in the Aug. 18 edition. The writer began, “When’s the last time you’ve heard a good hearty belly laugh?” and just gave examples of circumstances in which people might laugh. Then the writer talked about the leftist politician. Quote: “I’ve got to wonder whether he’s ever enjoyed a genuine laugh.”

Wickstrom said, “What do you get when you watch those lefty guys and gals? A starched cackle from that dried-up old prune, Joe Biden.” From reading Wickstrom’s “letters to the editor” over time, the writer’s a fierce adversary of Democrats and severe Trump supporter.

I’ve seen Biden speak on TV over the years and currently. He has a very pleasant personality, except when he speaks about Trump, which is valid. Biden is actually funny at times and has even poked fun at himself. He appears to be genuine. It’s Trump who does not have a good sense of humor. He humors himself by making fun of people and calling them derogatory names, which creates destruction and negativity. That’s not normal or appropriate behavior for president of the United States.

Wickstrom continued: “Open your mouth liberal, and go ‘Hahaha’.” What? Really. That’s strange.

Diane R. Bannister



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