The wrong roads are getting attention

To the Editor,

Every road paved but the right ones!

Well, I see city officials throwing our money away like candy again! Paved from downtown Pennsylvania Avenue to the state line and the all the money invested and our road in front of city building looks like a diasater! Mind you in front of the city building where everone travels to get someplace.

All the cash invested in paving the roads could have opened the Lee Avenue bridge or build a new one that could have been fantastic!

Now when there is an event in front of the Strip Steel building, it’s congested and looks like a garbage dump with cement blocks and broken concrete.

Come on Mr. Mayor get Lee Avenue bridge opened up and stop the empty promises and stop the congestion when trains are coming with the side road to the city building. This is as bad as the empty promises for a second roadway to Marland Heights. Really?

Richard Budney



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