Appreciate the difference makers

To the Editor,

As Pat Ford and Alecia Ford ready themselves for new adventures in Kentucky, I want to thank them both for making a huge difference in Weirton.

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman… I’d like to think that Pat and Alecia are great side-by-side. He took on revitalizing business and growth in the city, and that has been reported time and again, but she has been an integral force in our community, and I want to let you know about that.

I first met Alecia as she joined the Renaissance Committee representing the Top of WV CVB. She was anxious to add her time and talents in any way she could. As with any events that are championed by volunteers, we put her to good use and she was a doer. She involved herself with the Striplight Community Theatre and Cloak and Dagger On The Air which thrives today, and she was Festival Chair of the Gate No. 5 Industrial Festival which is in its second year.

So I wish them luck in their future endeavors, and May The Force Be With Them, and I’d just like to make sure they realize how much they are both appreciated as difference-makers and wonderful people.

Deb Witkowski



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