Condition of roads is disgusting

To the Editor,

Much has been said and written concerning the disgusting road conditions in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. All of these efforts have been futile. I expect bringing up the problem again will have no effect.

As a lifelong resident of West Virginia, I can say the condition of roads in the Panhandle has never been worse. This is less tolerable since voters approved the road bond levy by a wide margin. It’s obvious that since the levy, the road conditions have deteriorated dramatically. The cause can only be attributed to incompetence, favoritism or corruption, or a combination of all three.

Our politicians have been vocal and have brought the issue up many times. Attempts to get something done have been unsuccessful except for new excuses as to why the levy results have not been implemented. Possibly the legislators should consider a coalition of counties that have been neglected. The banding together of a viable voting bloc would be more effective. Party lines should have no bearing when the welfare of citizens is concerned. Since other measures have been ineffective, a strong action plan might be in order. Any plan should include litigation to force compliance with the levy. Is the state exempt from the rules governing bond issues?

It’s sickening to travel to neighboring states and see the road construction and repairs and then return to our home state. A blindfolded person could identify entering West Virginia and U.S. Route 22 either from the east or west. The positive aspect of this is that there are no traffic delays or detours associated with road repairs. We will soon see the summer season end and again there will be no significant improvements.

Some of our worst roads are not even mentioned in the schedule of repairs. Our secondary roads are in such disrepair that there are some real safety concerns. These are not the result of the past winter. They are the result of zero maintenance for years. Many of the potholes will be celebrating their second or third birthdays. Does the WVDOH have the ability to check these roads to determine what is needed?

It should be noted that no matter what happens, the conditions will not change. The only expectation is that conditions will remain the same or get worse. Another winter will render some roads as impassable. Don’t be too concerned about the potholes, some will be filled with weeds that will fold over and fill them.

Several years back, a group of West Virginians was so disillusioned with many of the inequities in the state, especially the Northern Panhandle, that one suggestion was seceding the Panhandle to one of the adjoining states. Of course, no one took the effort seriously and laughed about it. It’s not so funny anymore.

Desperation is the foundation for more innovative or drastic measures to commit adequate funding which will be enormous due to years of neglect. Rest assured, the present course will result in more excuses or more empty promises.

Jerry Durante

New Cumberland


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