Thanks for a job well done

To the Editor,

I want to thank all of those responsible for the recent repaving of the McKim Ridge Road – especially the taxpayers who paid for the work.

There are numerous parties for which to give thanks in addition to the taxpayers, but none more important. The decision makers are to be thanked. The WVDOH employees played a major role in the ditching and patching prior to the repaving and oversight inspection during the paving and they all deserve praise, gratitude and thanks. The paving contractor, Shelly and Sands, provided high quality, efficient service, including all levels of staff such as at the mixing plant, truckers, rollers, markers, flaggers and others and they deserve a huge thank you because they are indeed where the rubber meets the road.

This road is a vital link when a serious accident occurs on some sections of WV Route 2. It is also a long overdue effort that has not be upgraded for nearly 20 years. It is useful to residents who live along the road and to others that use it to expedite their travels.

I apologize to those that I have failed to mention. It was truly a team effort. Each individual impressed me because of their attitude which always seemed to be that they were happy to be providing a valuable service for the taxpayer.

Thank you one and all for your efforts to make this a safe, efficient, and beautiful country road for transportation.

David Velegol Sr.



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